3 Must-Have Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet

Okay, I’ll admit it: I hoard clothing. My closet is filled with “colors-that-will-look-good-on-me-when-I’m-tan” tank tops, “when-I-finally-lose-five-pounds” jeans and “I-wore-that-to-this-one-event” dresses that I can’t seem to get rid of. Finally, I realized enough was enough and decided to clean out my overflowing closet. I found this handy flowchart to help me clean out my closet, gathered a couple of friends to keep me honest and set to work!

I went through every piece of clothing in my closet and, with the help of this flowchart, ended up with piles of clothing strewn around my room and a much emptier closet. Aside from this killer flowchart, here are a couple more tips for cleaning out your closet:

1. Have your friends help! My friends kept me honest about what really looked good on me and helped remind me of what I hadn’t worn in a long time. There were moments where I wanted to keep a garment in my closet when I shouldn’t have, and my friends literally wrestled it away from me. Make sure to invite friends who you know will be honest with you. Having friends there is a win-win situation -- you get great (and honest) help, and your friends can get some of your unwanted clothes.

2. Have boxes or paper bags labeled beforehand. Label one box “Keep,” one “Trash” and the other “Donate.” I didn’t do this and wound up with haphazard piles of clothing around my room. This way, you can immediately trash the clothes in the “Trash” box and immediately donate the clothes in the “Donate” box, as well.

3. Be honest with yourself. Sure, your friends can tell you if you look good in a certain garment or if you should keep it, but YOU are the most important critic of each garment. If you feel uncomfortable in a garment, donate it or throw it away. Listen to yourself above anyone else.

I wish you luck in cleaning out your closets, Glossers! Don’t forget: once you’ve cleaned out your closet, you’ll have room for new clothes!

By: Katie Harbinson


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