Save or Splurge: One-Piece Swimsuits

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who is anxiously waiting for summer to come. It’s so close...yet so far. Even though we’re still stuck here for a couple more weeks, it doesn’t mean we can’t get a head start on our summer shopping, and yes, that includes swimwear.

Bikinis are cute and all that, but they’re so expected and average. Everybody is going to be wearing them in all different shapes, colors and patterns. So how can you stand out? Why not go old school with a one-piece!

Asos, Piha Spot And Stripe Mix Skirted Swimsuit: $91.44

This swimsuit is anything but ordinary. Its blue and white polka dots and stripes give you the nautical look with a hint of flirtiness from the flare of the skirt. The straps are adjustable and versatile, meaning you can put in on or take it off easily. This one-piece is cute to play around in the summer, even if you’re not near the waters.

If you want to look more mature, Kushcush’s one-piece jumper is the swimwear for you.

Anthropologie, Kushcush Lovey Jumpet One Piece: $165

This strapless one-piece shows off the right amount of skin without revealing more than you want to. The band on the waist with a touch of thin string transforms a simple swimsuit jumper into a one-piece that outlines females’ greatest gift. Why, our curves of course!

The one-piece is designed to flaunt every body type. 

Asos, Pour Moi D-G Underwired Strapless Suit: $66.50

Pour Moi’s nautical-themed swimsuit with a mix of polka dot and striped patterns will make you feel like a pretty pin-up babe either on the beach, in your local swimming pool or basically anywhere you can slip on this one-piece. The straps are versatile, too. Looking cute and sexy at the same time comes with a price though, $66.50, to be exact.

If you want to go for the same look without spending the money, Target has an alternative option.

Target, Clean Water Women's Polka Dot 1-Piece Swim Dress: $36

For $36, you can get a flirty, tiny polka dotted one-piece similar to the one sold at Asos. The straps are also adjustable to give you the choice of pulling two different looks. This one-piece is also called a swim dress because the top part extends towards the hips and covers it, unlike a regular one-piece swimsuit.

So for an out of the ordinary summer essential, will you save...or will you splurge?

This fashion piece is part of Sazanka Idris’ weekly lifestyle column, “Save or Splurge,” which compares products or services to help college students manage their budgets.

By: Sazanka Idris

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