Mizzou's Favorite Facebook Distractions

Odds are, you’ve spent a class period laughing and swooning over the many posts on the Mizzou Secret Admirers page; there are sweet posts, funny posts and more. However, Mizzou Secret Admirers isn’t the only Mizzou Facebook page we love at College Gloss Mizzou! Mizzou Confessional is filled with funny, sweet and serious confessions by your fellow Mizzou students, and Mizzou Compliments is full of wonderful things about many people on campus. Check out some of our staff’s favorites here!

Mizzou Secret Admirers

“#1343 To every girl who has not yet been spoken about on here whether it be because you are shy or your smile has not been noticed by the right person yet...just know that the right person is out there. They will find you and love you and be everything you deserve. Every girl on this campus is gorgeous in her own way. Don't forget that beautiful reader.” — Veronica DeStefano, Syd Hayman

“#250 some chick that lives in schurz and always looks pissed. smile for me.” — Veronica DeStefano

“#1083 Kyle Gunby: I'll be your Zooey Deschanel as long as you'll be my Joseph Gordon-Levitt.” — Samantha Latting. (I don’t know these people but any mention of JGL has me sold.)

“#1285 To the guy I saw walking up the stairs at VAG Tuesday at noon, you amaze me. You were talking about women's rights and I find a man who knows the importance of women impowerment [sic] so attractive. Thank you for making my day and I hope to see you soon :)” — Syd Hayman

“#1653 To all the beautiful boys out in this shitty weather doin their thang for cancer, you rock! Even though most people are ignoring your efforts, just know some of us appreciate it ;)” — Katie Harbinson

Mizzou Confessional

“I shit in the igloo near the Student Center.” — Veronica DeStefano

“I student charge M&Ms at the book store everyday because I don't have EZ charge and I don't want to pay for them with my own money. Thanks Mom and Dad for supporting my M&M addiction.” — Veronica DeStefano

“I submitted myself on Mizzou Secret Admirers.” — Samantha Latting

“I want to use the caramel on my ice cream at the mess halls, but I don't when I see it and remind myself that the dragging little bit of caramel off the ladle will get on the side of my bowl, I am not about that life.” — Katie Harbinson

Mizzou Compliments

“Today I saw a guy go out of his way to walk with his umbrella over a fellow student in a wheelchair. You, sir, are one upstanding human being. Thank you for almost making me cry tears of joy and faith in humanity.” — Veronica DeStefano

“This goes out to you. Thank you for greeting and smiling at me in the morning. Thank you for holding the door open for me. Thank you for noticing others, and being beautiful to each and everyone of us. Thank you for spreading the little bit of joy you contain inside your soul. You are an inspiration. You are reinstated faith. You are beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” — Veronica DeStefano

“I just want to thank good people. All of you. The events in Boston today highlight how important the pure acts of people anywhere are at anytime. My grandma texted me this afternoon, 'Every generation has had its share of challenges and events in the world that scared them! For me, it was WW2, for your mom it was fear of war with Russia.' The key is to not let the evil of today cripple us. Perpetuate the good, prohibit the reach of evil. I thank MU Compliments and everybody that this website commends for carrying on what's good in this world, each and every day.” — Samantha Latting

What are some of your favorite posts on the Mizzou Secret Admirers, Mizzou Confessional and Mizzou Compliments Facebook pages? Let us know in the comments!

By: CG Mizzou Staff | Image: Source


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