Mizzou's Got Style: High-end Casual, Denim on Denim and Skater Girl

From skater skirts to funky flats to denim shirts, Mizzou students really showed off their personal style this week. Check out who CGM caught looking extra hip during the final weeks of the spring semester. No norts and running shoes for them! 

High-end Casual

I always see senior computer science major Chen Ju on the Campus View shuttle on my way from campus. She catches my eye everyday with chic pairs of shoes, bold blouses and unique combinations of pieces. I finally mustered up enough energy to -- creepishly -- get off at her bus stop and pursue the chance to show CGM readers how stylish she was, and I was thrilled to find Ju a friendly delight!

Ju knows how to throw on a casual ensemble while still leaving her mark on Mizzou’s campus catwalk. “I change my style a lot,” Ju said. “It depends on my mood for the day.” She goes on fashion excursions at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s, and she looks to Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr and Olivia Palermo for bits of style inspiration. When it comes to pondering an ensemble for school, Ju advised women to wear flats; if a heel is necessary it should be as low as possible!

Statement Pieces on a Budget: button-down, cardigan, leggings, shoes

Denim on Denim

Junior strategic communication major Nick Holder describes his style as “intellectual but also rough.” “I might be smart, but I might punch you in the face, too,” Holder humorously said to explain his use of words. Men’s style icons like Ryan Gosling and Kanye West top Holder’s list of admiration as well as late-and-great actors such as Steve Mcqueen and Cary Grant. “Don’t try too hard,” Holder said to readers about dressing to impress. “People can [always] tell when you look like you’re trying too hard!”

Statement Pieces on a Budget: button-down, satchel, boots

Skater Girl

Skater skirts are one of this season’s fashion must-haves, and sophomore journalism major Jia Lim wore hers well! She loves crop tops and daisy dukes for spring weather, and Topshop serves as her go-to site for fabulous finds. When the weather reaches its peak, Lim advises students to dress with a balancing act; “If I show off my bottom, I don’t wanna show off the top.” Meaning, if you want to show off those stallion legs with short shorts, pair them with a cute tee or blouse rather than a revealing tank or bandeau. It may be warm outside, but keep it as classy as possible!

Statement Pieces on a Budget: T-shirt, skater skirt, loafers

This article is a part of Candice Brew's weekly campus fashion column that captures Mizzou students looking their finest.

By: Candice Brew


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