Easy Ways to Live Healthy Without the Sacrifice

As warm weather approaches, most of us are still trying to get those beautiful beach bodies for the summer. What people lack is knowing how to be healthy and beautiful. Living a healthy lifestyle may not seem so easy because it usually means expensive exercise machines, strange organic foods and lots of time wasted. No fear, College Gloss is here! (Please excuse the corniness...)

As far as diet goes, eating healthy does not necessarily correlate with organic. Healthy is treating your body right -- physically and emotionally. Don’t sacrifice time going to your local natural store and spending hours trying to figure out what is what. Use items in your fridge now to create some five star meals! Pinterest is a great way to find recipes.

1. Olive Oil: Cooking with olive oil helps get rid of the greasy fat buildup in meats

2. Greens: Color on a plate really is a good sign. Just about any green item from the produce or spice aisle is good for you.

3. Black Pepper: As weird as it may seem black pepper has been linked to helping fight bacteria and benefiting the digestive system.

4. Chili Pepper: Chili peppers may be spicy, but they are great for promoting weight loss and fighting diabetes.

All of these food products can be purchased at your local Wal-Mart for under $5 each and will last for quite some time.

Exercising is simple! There is no need to buy any workout tapes or expensive yoga balls when you can simply download a free app. Not only are they free, but they work around your schedule and keep you on task. A lot of people don't like to sacrifice being comfortable, so they avoid the gym. Getting a reliable group of people together at a set time three days out of the week for a good workout will keep your body happy and healthy, but be sure not to over-do it. Most health specialists note that excessive exercising is actually bad for the body. Remember, being skinny does not necessarily correlate with being healthy, and being overweight doesn't correlate with being unhealthy.

As for life in general, be happy for you. Happiness should not mean sacrificing another essential part of your life. Keep your pockets and body healthy by just learning what is best for you. College may be one of the many climaxes of your life so live it up, College Glossers!

By: Khadijah McGill | Image: Source


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