CGM Exclusive: Lauren Conrad’s Advice for You

Hollywood’s “it girl” Lauren Conrad, known for her fashion and beauty expertise, has taken over the publishing industry.

I got to sit down with Conrad while she was in my hometown of Milwaukee, Wis., for a book signing June 12. Even though the power went out before the signing started, Conrad was a good sport and made it work for the hundreds of fans who lined up to buy her book “Infamous” and have her autograph it. Conrad talked about her new book and tips on how to get that internship or job you want.

“Infamous,” in stores now, is the third and final book in her “Fame Game” series. The series is about four girls, but focuses on a girl named Madison Parker. “It’s an insiders look into the world of both reality television and the entertainment industry,” Conrad described.

This is the eighth book that Conrad has published since 2009. Conrad began talking to her publisher, Harper Collins, years ago about writing. They even discussed her writing a tell-all book about her experiences in Hollywood, but Conrad was uncomfortable with that.

“I felt like I had a story to tell, but I wanted to tell my own, and I didn’t feel like I was in a position to tell other people’s stories or their secrets,” Conrad said.

Conrad has an interesting story herself. Starting as a reality star on “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” and “The Hills,” Conrad eventually made her way into the fashion industry. The television exposure both helped and hindered her career.

“Obviously coming from entertainment you have a lot more to prove in the fashion industry,” Conrad said.

Today, Conrad has proven herself. Along with the books, she has two fashion lines, LC by Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s Department Stores and Paper Crown.

When it comes to getting that first internship, Conrad has advice for college students.

“I think that internships are vital,” Conrad said. “A lot of times, internships can lead to job opportunities. I know I personally have worked with interns, and when it comes time to hire, if you already have an employee you know is going to do a good job, it’s great.”

Conrad stresses the importance of getting as much experience as possible. From her personal experience with interns and with Kohl’s, Conrad said that many girls that have summer internships end up getting hired.

Interviews are a very important part of getting that internship and job. As Conrad said, “What’s important in a job interview is not necessarily what you are wearing. You definitely want to dress your age, but professional. Hair and makeup should be polished and clean.”

Conrad said every girl should have at least three staple items in her closet ready for interviews ─ a blazer, a white button down and a tailored bottom (pencil skirt or cropped pant).

Looking back, the 27-year-old Conrad has learned a lot through her experiences and gave some advice to her 20-year-old self.

“I think that when you’re young, it’s difficult to see the big picture,” she said. “I think that little things seem very important at the time. So I think just not to worry so much.”

Conrad teamed up with Kohl’s and spent the day in Milwaukee doing some charity work with three girls from the local Children’s Hospital. The girls got styling advice from her and just got to hang out for a while. Conrad says that Kohl’s creates these fun opportunities and she enjoys partnering with them.

Lauren Conrad and CGM columnist Abby Kass

By: Abby Kass | Images: Maggie Butler and Jeff Durand

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