Summer Fashion: Keeping It Classy

Summer time. The season’s sticky weather can make it easy to neglect keeping certain assets hidden. From the tiniest of shorts to the skimpiest of bandeaus, CGM has the scoop on classy summer tips to help you beat the heat in style!

Skirts & Dresses
Remember those middle school dress codes we all dreaded? Like the use of the “arm’s length” test we had to do before we purchased new skirts and sundresses at the mall? It may have been annoying to have to sacrifice adorable outfits for the sanctity of our school records, but, in a way, those infamous dress codes were meant to shape us into women of class! Yes, only purchasing skirts just above the knee is a bit ridiculous of a rule for grown women to follow -- not to mention how limiting that is for today’s fashion possibilities -- but the concept of filling your closet with things that won’t easily reveal your undercarriage is a point that shouldn’t be ignored.

Shorts are summer’s go-to item every year. Whether it be a day out in the sun or a night out on the town, a pair of stylish shorts can fit the bill. However, a problem arises when all too often women throw on a pair that reveal more junk in the trunk than is appropriate. If the material doesn’t cover your entire bum, they shouldn’t be worn in public!

Despite the lack of material many pairs of shorts tend to have now days, some women refuse to buy their appropriate sizes. “Just because you can fit into a size 4 doesn’t mean you are one,” Art Institute of San Francisco student Trevor Rankins said. This future fashion designer has a point! Women should stop squeezing into unflattering pieces and start purchasing sizes that comfortably fit and flatter their gorgeous shapes!

Crop tops, Bustiers & Bandeaus
Summer isn’t summer without being able to show off those toned abs. This only becomes a problem when a cute cut-off top is paired with pieces that do not compliment it in an appropriate manner. Most cropped tees and tanks rest just above the belly button, so low rise shorts or pants are good choices for pairing. However, fashion law calls for high-waisted bottoms to be paired with high-hemmed bustiers and bandeaus. Typical bandeaus aren’t meant to be worn alone; a stylish bandeau under a sheer top or deep cut muscle tank will create the perfect balance of exposed skin!

Fashion is art and style is a true form of self-expression. How you present yourself speaks volumes of who you are and what you stand for. Self-respect is an important trait to have and a great way to gain the respect of others is through the way you present yourself--starting with your wardrobe.

This article is part of Candice's weekly column focusing on the hottest fashion trends.

By: Candice Brew | Image: Source

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