Why We Can't Stop Watching "The Bachelorette"

It’s back. Another season of the highly addictive yet disappointing and drama-filled show we all hate to love, "The Bachelorette." There is something, actually many things, that make us tune in every Monday night to waste two hours of our lives while watching the most immature of the immature compete for the heart of one incredibly naive girl.

Here’s why we can’t shake "The Bachelorette" addiction:

1.  Any girl can only dream of having 25 hunky guys vying for her heart. I mean, come on, don’t say you wouldn’t love that. As Desiree Hartsock said over and over Monday night in the season premiere, “I feel like Cinderella.” It’s true, too. Getting to wear long and beautiful gowns while 25 guys beg for your attention is nothing short of unthinkable for some girls. Unless, of course, the men are a little too forward and creepy, which Hartsock was not lacking in her batch of hunks.

2. Who wouldn’t love travelling to some of the world’s most beautiful places with dreamy guys with washboard abs? It has become somewhat of a fact that every contestant on "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" is beach-body ready; it almost seems like it’s part of the criteria for being on the show. So, if you take beautiful people to beautiful places nothing can go wrong, right? Wrong. Remember Tierra from last season of "The Bachelor?" I’m sure you do. She was an absolute nightmare. She’s the one whose temperature dropped dramatically after plunging into freezing Lake Louise and had to be taken to the hospital. After being confined to her bed she still showed up to the party after the group date and caused tons of drama. She just loved attention. Let’s also not forget that the proposal at the end of the season takes place on a tropical island somewhere that seems to exist only in fairytales, and that thought alone can make any girl go weak in the knees.

3. Even if the men and women on this show are incredible good looking, viewers can always get a confidence boost somehow. For example, when we first meet the contestants we are told their name, age, hometown and job. Half of the contestants are “students,” a few of them are models we’ve never ever heard of and then there’s that one girl who was a funeral director and that one guy who is a magician. So while you’re sitting on the couch wishing you were one of those models no one will ever hear of, just remind yourself that at least you don’t work with dead people all day or perform magic tricks for a living.

4. This show requires no thinking at all. Seriously, none. Viewers know from the moment those contestants step out of the limo who the bad guy is, who the sweetheart is and who that backstabbing, two-faced, sweet talker is (looking at you, Wes from Jillian’s season). And, as viewers learned with Monday’s premiere, it is pretty easy to spot those creepy dudes, too. Here, of course, I am specifically speaking about Jonathon, who wanted nothing more than to sneak away to the fantasy suite with Desiree instead of enjoying the cocktail party. Desiree later sent Jonathon home early after feeling disrespected and probably a little creeped out. (Also, that ER doctor Larry runs a close second for creeper of the bunch.)

It does help that viewers see everything that the blinded Bachelorette doesn’t. While the princess is off slumbering away we get a glimpse of the dudes on their own, and the same goes for the show’s counterpart, "The Bachelor." We know who is hated, and we know who everyone is jealous of. If only we could help out the poor damsel in distress.

5. It’s cute in a pathetic kind of way. Take Juan Pablo from this season. After stealing Desiree from the other men he brought her outside to play soccer. His plan was adorable until the 24 other guys decided to join in on the fun. Exhibit two, Diogo, who showed up dressed as an actual “knight in shining armor,” was sent home at the rose ceremony. These dramatic entrances and passes to woo Desiree are adorable, but being your typical self is fine, too. 

I will forever be a fan of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette," no matter how stupid or crazy it may seem; it’s the show you hate to love and love to hate. The series is like a train wreck waiting to happen. I’m not psychic, but I feel like this season is going to be dramatic, heartfelt and everything in between, and I cannot wait. 

By: Katie Johns | Image: 1, 2


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