Campus Style: Sports Apparel

Ladies, get your sports apparel together! Whether it may be a baseball game, football game or a basketball game, you can look cute even to sporting events! Since I am from Chicago, the Cubbies are my team of choice. A shirt of your team is definitely needed. Throw on your favorite pair of jean shorts or trendy high waisted shorts with a tank or shirt representing your team tucked in. Complete the look with a hat and some cute sneakers!

In the colder weather, you can pair a top with your team logo on it with jeans and a pair of boots. If you don’t have the T-shirt or apparel with your team’s logo, an alternative is incorporating the colors of your team into your outfit. It’s a cheaper way to go about attending a sporting event!

Sports apparel is sold anywhere from Target to Dick’s Sporting Goods. It might also be sold in local boutiques or local stores that support the teams!

Until next time, Glossers!

This fashion article is a part of Angie Jeon's weekly column on campus trends and style.

By: Angie Jeon

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  1. Go Cubs, Go!! Lalalalove this! Victoria's Secret PINK has a cute, cropped Cubs jersey with a sequin logo and Cubs sports bras.
    <3 the CGM DIY queen

  2. I like very much......nice blue t-shirts. It fits well and looks good. I have wore for few months now...going to buy some more. I would definitely recommend using