Flaunt Fabulous Style for the Fourth

Fourth of July is right around the corner! Before you know it, you’ll be seeing fireworks and lots of red, white and blue! This week, I’ve come up with two outfits. One is for a fun party or gathering with family and friends. The other is a fancier way to incorporate the colors of this holiday.

It is key to wear something that has red, white and blue or the American flag on this special day. American flag shorts have been extremely popular. What better way than to wear those shorts on the Fourth of July?! Pair the shorts with a graphic tank or T-shirt and throw on some cute sneakers! Converse or vans are a great way to keep the outfit casual, but it also completes the outfit for a fun Fourth of July outfit!

For a fancier outfit, white skinny jeans are great. They are extremely easy to work with because they match with everything. Pair them with some wedges or nude heels to elongate your legs, and for an even more unique outfit, pair a red handkerchief around your neck like the one in the picture above. Any flowy top paired with the white skinny jeans should do it!

Pair accessories accordingly, and have an awesome and safe Fourth of July, Glossers!

This fashion article is a part of Angie Jeon's weekly column on campus trends and style.

By: Angie Jeon


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