Campus Style: Country Concert

During the summer, country concerts seem 10 times more fun due to the relaxed environment, especially because there is no school! A trend I’ve been seeing is people wearing things that are lightweight material, of course, the cowboy boots.

A lightweight dress that has a unique touch to it is a great garment to wear to a country concert in the summertime. Lately, designers and companies have been coming out with dresses that have an extremely unique touch to it, much like the one featured above. It incorporates crochet fringe and the lovable and popular trend that is off-the-shoulders.

With any outfit, make sure to add your own touch to it by adding some accessories. With a busy dress like this that I want all of the focus to be on, I don’t want to add any loud accessories that will take away from it. These are just little dainty bracelets I have collected over the years. I layered them together to glam up the outfit a bit more!

You definitely need a pair of cowboy boots when attending a country concert. The ones featured above are from DSW and they are the brand White Mountain.

Get excited for more upcoming summer concerts because you definitely do not want to miss out! Have a rockin’ night, Glossers!

This fashion article is a part of Angie Jeon's weekly column on campus trends and style.

By: Angie Jeon


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