5 Tips to Staying in Touch with Your College Friends

Summer can be great. If you have no classes or exams, you have more free time for yourself. But now that the stress of finals has worn off and summer vacation has set in, you might be missing your friends from school. Going home for the summer means you can’t go to your friend’s dorm right down the hall or even run into them at the dining hall. If you’re missing your friends, here are some tips on how to stay in touch this summer.

1. Send a quick text
If your summer has gotten busy and you haven’t gotten the chance to talk to your friends recently, shoot them a quick text. It could be a quick “Hey,” or maybe “I miss you.” Knowing that you are thinking about them will make them smile. You can even ask how their summer has been and talk about what you are going to do when you get back to school.

2. Post a picture on Facebook
Look back through your old photos from the past year and post one of them on your friend’s wall. You can reminisce on the good times you’ve had. You could even post a funny picture to make your friend smile.

3. Set up a get together
If you don’t live far from your friends, set up a time to get together. You can go to the other person’s hometown and explore their city with them. You could even meet for lunch or get dressed up and go out for dinner. It is a nice way to catch up and hang out before you have to go back to school.

4. Plan a road trip
If you need a weekend away, get some friends together and take a road trip to visit a friend who lives farther. You can have some fun in the car and have a mini vacation once you get there. Having friends from all over is great in college, and even better when you get to visit them for even for just a few days.

5. Use Skype and FaceTime
If you live far away from your college friends, take advantage of technology. Today, video chat, including Skype and FaceTime, are a great way to catch up with your friends. It might not be the same as hanging out in person, but you can see each other and catch up. Maybe even try watching your favorite show together and talking about it.

These simple tips will help you keep in touch with your college friends all summer long. Before you know it, you will be back at school and can hang out all the time.

By: Abby Kass | Image: Source 


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