How to Turn Trash into Cash

Going through phones is almost habit for most people. Whether it is a broken screen or faulty battery, something always seems to go wrong with these electronics. However, people have found a way to make use of this “trash.” Many stores and bins have popped up around to entice people to recycle their old phones, cameras, flash drives, etc.

Well-known stores, such as Best Buy, have started a great plan where you can trade in your old cameras and phones. You are given a trade-in value and an option to just recycle it for free. All value is put on a gift card, which can even be given to someone as a gift. Kill two birds with one stone for the price of free!

Another website, Gazelle, has created a market geared toward trade-ins and cash for old computers, iPods and phones. It offers great incentives for you and your friends to get rewards on turning in those unwanted electronics. Gazelle specializes particularly in Samsung and Apple products.

There are also electronic drop bins in many retailers. If you don’t necessarily want to make a profit from the device, simply drop it in the bin, without the battery, and continue with your day. It’s hassle free and great for the environment. The devices are recycled and reused for parts or strategically broken down so that chemicals are not released into the air.

Amazon also does trade-ins. What’s special about this site is that it accepts more than just electronics. We all can relate to the struggle of wanting to sell back books for a fair amount. Even though you need an Amazon account, a good eye of judgement is just as important. All shipping is free of charge, and the value is credited onto an Amazon gift card. There's even a chance you’ll get higher than you ask.

With all of these ways to earn cash with that old junk, be sure you take the necessary steps to get the most out of the deal. Here's how:

1. Round up & research: Getting together all the electronics you wish to sell and finding their correct value is key to any successful trade-in. Do not exclude broken items either. Remember: reuse, recycle, restore!

2. Weighing out the options: It can be tedious, but looking into multiple places for a trade-in is important. Don't be bought so quickly.

3. Spread the word: Tell your friends about the deal. That $76 you received from your old phone could lead to a great outing with friends.

Have fun saving this summer, College Glossers!

By: Khadijah McGill | Image: Source


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