The Hottest Summer Reads

It’s so hard finding time for myself during the school year. Between classes, extracurricular activities, studying and my part-time job, there is always somewhere I have to be or something that needs to be done. I’ve had a love of reading since I was very young, so not having time to read for myself is really hard. I look at every summer as a time to relax and finally reclaim my me-time. While you’re perfecting that tan by the pool this summer, I highly suggest you pick up one of these great books. Think of it as a vacation for your imagination.

"The Moon and More" by Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen, author of “This Lullaby” and “The Truth About Forever,” has the remarkable ability to depict the lives of teenage girls effortlessly in her novels. Many authors who attempt to enter the world of teen fiction never seem to truly connect or understand, but Dessen is in a class of her own. I have been anticipating the debut of her 11th novel, “The Moon and More,” for months, and it’s finally here!

In “The Moon and More,” we meet Emaline the summer before she goes off to college and is faced with one of the hardest decisions she’s ever made: to cling to the life she’s always known with her high school sweetheart and loving family or to explore the new and exciting opportunities that could await her at an Ivy League school, accompanied by the ambitious and charming Theo. Emaline’s life is at a fork in the road, and I’m super excited to dive into the pages and see what (and who) she chooses!

"The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green

I admit that I have never read any of John Green’s novels, but with the numerous awards “The Fault in Our Stars” has received (#1 New York Times bestseller, #1 Wall Street Journal fiction list, etc.), this book cannot be ignored.

Hazel has terminal cancer and has always had a depressing outlook on her life. That is, until she meets Augustus Waters in her Cancer Kid Support Group. He reminds her that she may be terminal, but her life isn’t over yet. This novel has received great reviews for being bold, insightful and a real weight on the heartstrings. I am completely intrigued and highly recommend you check this one out for yourself!

"Catching Fire" by Suzanne Collins

The world was captivated when “The Hunger Games” hit theaters, and the release of the second in the trilogy, “Catching Fire,” has us all on the edge of our seats. Outside of the movie phenomenon and our growing obsession with Jennifer Lawrence lies this amazing trilogy of books that exposes its readers to a new harsh, yet captivating world.

In “Catching Fire,” we pick back up with Katniss and Peeta after they have risen above the odds and the dominance of the Capitol in winning the Hunger Games, but instead of basking in their glory, they are thrown into another fight for their lives. The Capitol sees Katniss and Peeta as the faces of a rebellion stirring amongst the districts and they refuse to be overthrown without a fight. I am committed to finishing “Catching Fire” before the movie premiers in November, and what better time than this summer? I suggest you do the same!

By: Luria Freeman

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  1. I'm so glad TFiOS is here. It's one of my favorites-- I've already read it twice!