How to Cure Homesickness

Being homesick is something almost every college student faces and can sometimes even be too much to handle. Since I’m from the suburbs of Chicago, coming to Columbia meant being six and half hours away from home with few visits. When my parents and I decided that I would be staying in Columbia this summer I quickly learned how to combat homesickness.

1. Skype, FaceTime, Ovoo
Any video type of social media is a lifesaver. They’re an extra boost over texts and phone calls because they allow you to semi talk face-to-face with the person on the other end. Although it may be difficult, try scheduling an exact time each week when you will Skype your family or best friend. If that doesn’t work, random Skype sessions with my best friends back home never failed to put a smile on my face.

2. Don’t dwell on the fact that all of your friends at home are together
This is a hard one to follow. When you get a Snapchat of four of your best friends at home all hanging out, don’t get upset. Just think, I’m here being independent, making new friends and making memories that will last me a lifetime.

3. Find things to do that will take your mind off not being home
My roommate and I have found a multitude of different events going on in Columbia to pass the time. There is at least one Farmer’s Market going on during the week, Stephen’s Lake Park has a beach along with a great path to walk, and don’t forget that The District has a lot of cute clothing boutiques to browse.

4. Visit home or have visitors come to you
One time you go home and the next time friends and family come to you. When you go home you get to visit all of your places (for me downtown Chicago), eat at your favorite restaurants and visit with all of your high school friends. When friends come to you, you get to show off Mizzou’s pretty campus, take them shopping in the District, eat at Shakespeare’s and show off your own apartment.

5. Have some of your new college friends around
It will make things a lot easier to have friends who are going through the same thing as you. My roommate and I, for example, are both from the Chicagoland area and were both deemed to stay in Columbia by our parents. We know it’s rough to be far from home, but we have each other, and knowing someone understands where you’re coming from makes things easier.

6. Make sure you know why you’re staying in Columbia
For me, I am working to get residency in Missouri so I can get in-state tuition, but if I didn’t have a clear reason to be here, I would be at home. If you’re not sure why you’re staying here, you’ll probably feel a little more homesick. If you’re not taking class or working, for example, your friends who are staying here will be doing those things and you’ll be left alone until they finish class or are done with work, giving you extra time to think about home.

7. It’s okay to call your mom crying
Seriously, it is. I do it more than I should, too. I’ll call her because something went wrong that day and I’ll beg my mom to let me come home. But both her and I know that going home isn’t the solution. That would just defeat the purpose of me being in Columbia and learning to be independent. Moms are the best for providing reassuring words and a laugh. When I tell her I am completely out of groceries, my car has no gas and the toilet in my bathroom is definitely on the verge of breaking, she laughs. These “catastrophes” we have now are one day going to be things to laugh at in a year or maybe even next week.

Being homesick is unavoidable, but it is possible to find ways to help cure it. These seven things have sure helped me this past year and especially this summer.

By: Katie Johns | Image: Source


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