"Pretty Little Liars" Style Steal: Hanna Marin

Last week I told you how to look like a Hastings (if anyone can tell me how to get the grades of a Hastings, I’ll be waiting). This time around, I’m going to help you steal my favorite liar’s style.

Hanna Marin is by far my favorite liar. She’s hilarious, gorgeous and probably one of the most loyal people on the show (I say that in hopes that I’m not speaking too soon!).

I’ll be honest—Hanna’s style is a bit absurd for a high school student going to class, but I think that we college women can find an appropriate place to channel our inner Hanna, and here’s what you need to get started.

1. Dresses
But not just any dresses. Hanna’s dresses are always super gorgeous and look date ready for an impromptu night out with Caleb. Ya know… when she’s not getting run over by cars or spying on a potential A-Team member. High-low dresses are super in right now, so you can be sure Hanna would be all over it. I love this black and pink strapless from Wet Seal.

2. A Bold Jacket
One thing that I love about Hanna’s style is she’ll take a super girly piece and add some edge to it with a jacket or a blazer that you might not usually think to pair it with. What do I think Hanna would add with that high-low dress I picked out? This sleeveless studded blazer from Forever 21 just might do the trick.

3. Fabulous Shoes
Hanna is always rocking the heels, which is rather impressive since she seems to be on the run from A quite a bit. Hanna has been known to wear some outrageous shoes, but I’m trying to keep this realistic and Hanna-like, so you should give these Dolce Vita Tremor T-Strap Wedge’s a look over. You can get them at Urban Outfitters.

With these basic staples, and a few extra accessories (Hanna is always adding some jewelry to pull her look together), you’ll be looking as good as Hanna in no time. Maybe you’ll even snag your very own Caleb. I mean, a girl can dream, right?

By: Samantha Latting


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