Eat This Not That: Movie Munchies

In my opinion, one of the best parts about going to the movies is the GLORIOUS FOOD. With so many gorgeous-ahem ...*good* movies out (hello, Henry Cavill as Superman; oh, nice to see you again, Channing Tatum in "White House Down"), this summer is a prime time for movie watching (can you say air-conditioned theaters? I can). Yeah, it might be 10 bucks a ticket, but nothing is better than movie theater popcorn. Unfortunately, like most delicious things in life, it’s also not so good for you. Here are some of my picks for healthier movie snacks.

Instead of: Hersheys Chocolate Bar
Munch on: Junior Mints

A basic rule for eating healthy at a movie theater is to just avoid any and all candy bars (sigh). Junior Mints are still covered in delicious dark chocolate, but they’re also pepperminty and much better for you than a good ol’ king size milk chocolate bar ... as nice as that sounds.

Instead of: DOTS
Munch on: Swedish Fish/Gummy Bears

I love DOTS, but they’re definitely not the best for me or my cavity-prone sweet tooth. Try to find sugar-free something, like Swedish Fish or Gummy Bears to satisfy your chewy, sweet craving with a little less guilt.

Instead of: Butterfingers
Munch on: Tootsie Rolls

Butterfingers are the best, but they have the word “butter” in there for a reason, ladies. Tootsie Rolls now come in lots of different flavors besides classic chocolate, and they’re chewy, which means that you’ll spend more time actually eating them and less time eating in general. It’s super easy to overeat while watching a movie, so just be conscious of how much you’ve eaten and how full you are.

And if you really want popcorn? Go for the smaller size. Yes, getting a large popcorn means you have more to share with your friends or your cute date, but seriously. In a study by Brian Wansink at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, he discovered that people ate up to 50 percent more popcorn when eating out of a large bucket than a medium sized one, even though when polled after the film, they guessed they had eaten less than they actually did.

Go for the smaller size, cut back on the salt (which will only dehydrate you), or spring for kettle corn. You’ll thank yourself later.

But hey, if you’ve earned a splurge? Go for it! Just make sure to do everything in moderation. There’s nothing sweet about a 24/7 sweet tooth. Trust me!

By: Alise Murawski


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