Restaurant Review: Casablanca Mediterranean Grill

Restaurant: Casablanca Mediterranean Grill
Address: 501 Elm St. Columbia Mo
Food type: Mediterranean
Price point: $16 and below

We think Casablanca Mediterranean Grill is by far one of the best restaurants in Columbia. If you have not tried this restaurant yet, be sure to put it on your list. If you are a fan of mediterranean food, you will definitely be pleased with the wide array of choices. If you have never even tried mediterranean, then it is probably time you take a chance, and this is the place to do it at!

Casablanca is located right at the beginning of downtown, so it is an easy walk from campus to grab a quick lunch. They also are student budget friendly, with appetizers starting at $1.95 and the biggest plate, the Sultan, costing still only $15.95. Most meals are between $5 and $10, so it won’t kill your wallet by any means.

The food is always fresh and very delicious. They have all sorts of choices, including Falafel, Gyros, Couscous, Shish Kabobs and Hummus just to name a few options. If you are not familiar with mediterranean food, the menu does a great job at describing the items, plus the staff is very friendly and will explain any item to you in a heartbeat. Many meals come with the choice of beef, lamb, chicken or vegetarian, so they can suit any taste.

I would recommend the House Gyro for those new to mediterranean food -- it is a pita bread filled with spiced beef, lettuce, tomato, onion and feta cheese served with choices of hummus, hot sauce or tanziki sauce. This is a great introduction to the tastes and style of Mediterranean food without being overwhelmed. For those more accustomed to the style, I would suggest the Mediterranean Plate, which has two dolmas and two falafel and comes with rice, hummus and pita bread. If your meal does not come with rice, I highly recommend getting it as a side -- it is always moist, fluffy and has the perfect amount of spices.

By: Lindsay Laderoute


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