Greek Life: Bring Down the House with Your Outfit at Chapter

For all my Glossers that are involved in Greek life, get ready for another crazy year of chapter! My house’s chapter falls on Monday, which is convenient for me to get it out of my week’s schedule. However, I do find joy in planning my outfits because chapter requires you to look your best because you are representing your house.

In the fall time, simplicity is key. It may be a bit chilly, but you’re going to be in a room with 50, 100 or 200 other girls. You want to dress appropriately so that you aren’t sweating and that you are comfortable sitting down for an hour or so. Preferably, I would wear a one-piece dress like the one pictured above, with some nice strappy sandals or heels. I like to match my metals when dressing for chapter. It completes the outfit by making it look neat. Keep your hair and makeup simple, and you’re ready to go!

In the winter time, a knit skirt with a sweater and pea coat would be ideal. If you decide to wear a skirt or dress pants, make sure you pair it with stockings or tights. It will keep you warm if you have to walk to chapter, and it will keep your body nice and cozy. Pair the outfit with heels or boots to complete the look. Add some dainty accessories if you choose!

Springtime has to be my favorite! I can pair my brightest dresses with my strappy heels! I can mix and match different patterns and get away with it without overdoing it. I love to pair a bright colored dress, like the one pictured above, or some fun shorts with a blouse. To complete the look, I always wear high heels that elongate my legs such as nude wedges or nude heels.

Have an exciting upcoming year, Glossers!

This fashion article is a part of Angie Jeon's weekly column on campus trends and style.

By: Angie Jeon


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