"Pretty Little Liars" Style Steal: Aria Montgomery

If I had to describe Aria Montgomery’s style, I would say it was eclectic, unexpected and just plain weird. However, that being said there’s something intriguing about the way this liar dresses, and I’m going to try to help you steal her style.

As I said before, Aria’s style is kind of unexpected, so it’s difficult to pick staple pieces. Instead, I’m going to get you started by picking out an outfit I think fits Aria’s unique standards.

I saw this vertical stripe illusion dress from Wet Seal and immediately envisioned Miss Montgomery herself rocking it.

The dress was a simple pick, but then I tried to imagine what kind of crazy shoes Aria would rock in this situation. These Steve Madden combat boots definitely seem fitting. Now, it’s not a pairing I would usually make, but hey, you’re trying to dress like Aria, not this CGM columnist.

I think what this outfit needs to be pulled together is accessories. Aria has been known to rock the clutch, so you should too! Check out this finger studded clutch by Natasha Couture.

I think Aria’s style motivation is to just find things she likes, no matter how unconventional, and rock them with confidence. Just keep that in mind, and you’ll be golden.

By: Samantha Latting


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