Trend Alert: Dine-In Theaters

It isn’t until after we’ve crossed paths with adulthood that we learn to appreciate the luxuries of being off-campus, at home during breaks or even having a few spare hours to catch a flick. Luckily, my summer vacation has included all of the above. More specifically, I’m excited to share that I’ve opted to witness a new spin on the old classic of dinner and a show. When planning your day’s adventure or a night of entertainment, be sure to check off a two-in-one spot like an AMC Dine-In Theatre on your list of to-dos.

What is it?
The better question is, “what isn’t it?” Because convenience has become a trait that’s assumed to be rightly associated with practically everything, AMC has stepped up to the challenge and provides “movies with a menu” at 25 locations located throughout the country. Not only will you be able to have your cake (plus an array of menu items ranging from buttered popcorn to blackened salmon) and eat it too, friendly staff members who remain attentive to your needs along with plush leather seating allow for the highest degree of comfortability. And for your viewing pleasure? Limited seating held by reservation and bright, crisp visuals displayed on a screen that caters to all rows and sections ensure that every guest enjoys his or her visit.

How’s it done?
The first step is to “select your desired experience,” which varies by venue. According to the AMC Dine-In Theatres’ website, the Cinema Suites are available only for those who are 21 and older and offer “luxury recliners, an extensive menu and full cocktail bar.” Fork & Screen welcomes movie lovers who are 18 and older (as well as those who are attending with a parent or guardian) and can be described as a more casual environment, but one that’s still equipped with the same great food options and bar drinks. Need a place to kickback before or after your film? They’ve got that too! MacGuffins, the bar and lounge, is marked notable by its “modern, inviting atmosphere.” Furthermore, the bar serves lots of tasty treats and pours up a plethora of beers, wines, martinis, margaritas and specialty drinks.

The AMC Dine-In Theatres are most definitely a sophisticated take on the timeless, American pastime. Although your trip to one may be relatively more expensive than going someplace else, overall I recommend them as an opportunity to splurge a little and treat yourself to an unique way to watch the stars in style.

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