How to Transition into Fall Style

School is in full swing, and fall is here. The Missouri weather has been crazy lately though, and the temperature can change 20 degrees in one day. During hotter days, you want to start with basic things and have one focus piece. Pictured above on the left, a fun skirt with a solid colored top is one way to go about it! Another way is to pair basic colored shorts with a cardigan or sweater to keep yourself warm in the classroom. You never want to look like you’re “overdoing” it or you’re trying too hard. You want to give a easy going and flirty feel. Always add dainty accessories if you can, and don’t throw too much into one piece. Pair your outfits with cute sneakers such as Vans, Keds or Converse, or you can pair them with stylish sandals!

For those chilly days, wearing boots is the best way to go. It rains and snows more often, so it’s better to be prepared than sorry. Hunter boots, Sorel boots and other brands that are made specifically to withhold the winter seasons are good to have. Layering is key, whether it is with scarves, cardigans, vests or thick socks. Own a variety of these pieces to choose the way you want to layer. It is stylish and trendy because it incorporates more color into your wardrobe and more volume. Add a hat or sunglasses for the sunny and cold days.

Prepare your wardrobe, Glossers!

By: Angie Jeon


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