5 Reasons We Love "Pitch Perfect"

If you haven’t see "Pitch Perfect," you are probably in the minority. There are so many reasons to Redbox this movie (again and again). This movie has something in it for everybody. It’s more than a romantic comedy with a cappella singing. So why should you give this movie a shot?

1. Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine. You might know Wilson as Brynn from "Bridesmaids" and Devine from "Workaholics." The way their characters, Fat Amy and Bumper, interact is sure to make you laugh.

2. It is so quotable. Acca-scuse me? You heard us right. You know those movies where you can't help but repeat lines days after watching? "Pitch Perfect" is one of those movies. (It’s even more fun if you quote Fat Amy in her accent.)

3. Skylar Astin is adorable beyond words. Astin plays Jesse, a member of the boys a cappella group, The Treblemakers. His character is sweet, charming, and he’ll sing his way right into your heart. He also has Rocky and juice pouches! (See, there we go quoting the movie already.)

4. Anna Kendrick is just plain awesome. Kendrick plays the movie's main character, Becca, a college freshman that joins the Barden Bella’s after an awkward in-shower singing encounter with Brittany Snow’s character, Chloe. Kendrick is quirky, hilarious and tough the whole way through.

5. It’s not a musical per se. We’re not hating on musicals here, but not everyone is a fan of them. "Pitch Perfect" isn’t a musical—it just has a killer soundtrack. You won’t see the characters burst out in song to describe their feelings like Zac Efron in his "High School Musical" days.

Rent it or forget it? I think the verdict is obvious ... rent it! "Pitch Perfect" is a raunchy yet charming movie that will have you singing, laughing and heading back to Redbox again and again.

This article is part of Samantha Latting's weekly entertainment column, "Redbox Review," which provides reviews about movies available at Redbox.

By: Samantha Latting | Image: Source


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