Recreate Juicy Couture's New York Fashion Week Look

What do you call the time when fashion enthusiasts from all over the world gather in one place to view the anticipated fashion shows from internationally recognized and aspiring designers? Why, Fashion Week, of course. New York’s yearly-anticipated Fall 2013 Fashion Week ran Feb. 7 through 14. Even though I was not physically present in New York (although my biggest dream is to one day be), my eyes were glued to the whole time. In my opinion, they have great fashion week coverage.

One of my favorite brands that showcased their fall 2013 collection is Juicy Couture. Now I know you’re imagining pink velvet sweats right now, but I promise those are not what I’m talking about nor will I ever talk about. Beyond them, Juicy Couture creates paradise-chic and LA-cool clothing I always drool over. And this season is no exception.

I came across this cute and simple outfit that I really love and can see myself wearing in the spring and summer.

I thought, “Hey, I can pull that off without the designer price. I can…save!”

So here’s my version of the Juicy Couture outfit (that’s not even sold in stores yet!) for a much cheaper total price.

The Jumpsuit:

I found a similar jumpsuit on Urban Outfitters for a reasonable price of $69.99. Even though they’re not completely identical, the one from Urban Outfitters has the important elements included in Juicy Couture’s. The pattern of the jumpsuit is polkadot with a shade of blue as the main color, and they are high waisted. Pretty similar, right? This one also has a knot laying in the middle of the stomach, which increases the cuteness factor of the whole outfit. Can you picture yourself wearing this jumpsuit to a spring music festival or on a sunny summer day? I totally can.

The Bag:

I assume that the bag carried by the Juicy Couture model sells for around $200, but why go for more when you can settle for less? This Forever 21 bag has the same functions and is about the same size as Juicy Couture’s. For only $29.99, you can own a cute little camera bag in black. The black color also makes it versatile to use with other outfits as well as throughout the year compared to the original mustard yellow. I personally think this bag will be a really good buy.

The Accessories:

Finish off the laid-back look with a single chunky gold chain necklace from Forever 21 for only $12.80! This statement piece matches the gold accent of the chains and the latch of the bag to create an overall cohesiveness in the look.

So now that it’s proven you don’t have to spend the hundreds of dollars on designer pieces to create the same look, are you going to save ... or are you going to splurge?

This fashion piece is part of Sazanka Idris’ weekly lifestyle column, “Save or Splurge,” which compares products or services to help college students manage their budgets.
By: Sazanka Idris


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