There's An App For That: Tinder

There is the new app lighting up the social media sphere. Tinder is an app for the iPhone that brings a whole new meaning to dating for young people.

I had heard a little bit about the app before I downloaded it, but I was still a little skeptical. From what I had heard it seemed a little like but for people my own age, but it was very different. Tinder connects with your Facebook, but only to use your profile picture, friends and interests.

According to the app, they will never post anything to Facebook, other users will never know if you’ve liked them unless they like you back, and other users can’t contact you unless you’ve already been matched. After reading these conditions, I felt a little better knowing that random guys I didn’t like could not talk to me. It made the app seem a little safer.

Starting out the app was a little awkward at first. It shows you a picture and an age of the opposite sex. Then you can either like or pass. If you’re not sure you can click on the information and see if you have mutual friends or mutual interests. You can also see the four most recent profile pictures of the person and how far away they are from you.

After about 20 minutes of going through the potential candidates, I got my first match. Once this happened, I was able to talk to the match like texting or a message on Facebook.

The experience was very interesting, and I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time. It was weird to see all these guys in the area, but the weirdest part was seeing people that I knew or even guys that I thought had girlfriends. This was unusual, but intriguing at the same time. It was almost addicting. New guys just kept popping up, and I wanted to see who was next.

Over the course of the week I got about 25 matches. The app is pretty easy to navigate, but once you get through the profiles in the area, the ones you passed on start to show up again. Then the app starts to lose its appeal. Every once and awhile you may get a new match, but the only thing left to do is talk to your current matches. So like all tinder, if you don’t feed the fire, it tends to fizzle out.

The bottom line is that this app is fun. From my experience it was not serious. While it is highly doubtful that you will meet your soul mate using the app, it is a fun way to meet new people in the area. It is also sort of a weird confidence booster when you get a match. So, if you are looking for a fun new way to meet guys in the area, check out tinder, you won’t be disappointed.

By: Abby Kass | Images: 1, 2


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