Foodie City Spotlight: New York City

New York is the type of city where there are many ways to enjoy it at its best. Based on personal experience, going back to New York will bring new experiences and new memories. There’s just so much to discover and explore; a couple of days (or even a couple weeks) will not be enough. But there are three restaurants that are a definite must when visiting New York because each one gives you a different atmosphere that is mandatory for the New York experience.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack offers a variety of freshly processed food, such as burgers and hot dogs and also sweet treats, such as shakes and custards. However, they are not only famous for their delicious, fresh and savory food and drinks, but also for a unique eating atmosphere. The company started from a simple hot dog cart in Madison Square Park and expanded into three different distinct fast food restaurants in the city. Even though the order line is almost always packed (it can even end outside of the restaurant at the one in the Theatre District), the service isn’t a long, dreadful wait. You’ll get your order after exchanging a couple of conversations with your company. I recommend trying the ‘Shack Stack,’ which is a cheeseburger with crisp-fried portobello mushrooms oozing out when you take a bite. For dessert, any of their ‘concrete,’ which is their dense, blended frozen custard with mix-ins (fudge sauce, strawberry puree, the list goes on and on), will surely make your tummy happy.

Location: Various locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn
Price: $5+

Dean and Deluca

Want to take the tourist hat off and act like an actual New Yorker? Have lunch at none other than Dean and Deluca in SoHo. Super busy, yet super trendy New Yorkers grab lunch at this super exclusive supermarket. From frozen pasta to sushi, every possible on-the-go yet well-prepared food is available here. Their variety of soup makes soup one of the most popular items and are served in an ice-cream-cup-like bowl with your choice of bread. There’s really no seating place in the supermarket, or any space to properly eat your food on that note, but there are chest-high tables where you can eat while standing up. Here’s the catch: Eat your meal quickly or else you’ll look like all the other tourists taking their time (and the small tiny space) and devouring their food.

Location: 560 Broadway on Price Street
Price: 10+


Small space? Yes. Long waiting list? Yes. Worth every minute you wait to finally sit down in their uber-cool and uber-unique restaurant? Yes. Serendipity is known for being the location of one of the most romantic movies ever made about a man and a woman who met in serendipity (the noun). Since then, people from all over the world and also New York residents are constantly filling up the tiny restaurant and the waiting list. You cannot leave Serendipity without ordering their trademarked frozen hot chocolate. Yup, that’s right. Trademarked. While you’re at it, go wild with their dessert options. There’s never one I didn’t like … or finish. And if you’re waitlisted for more than two hours, don’t give up. There’s a seven-and-a-half-story Bloomingdale’s not far from the restaurant and Dylan’s Candy Bar right around the corner.

Location: 225 E. 60th St.
Price: $10+

By: Sazanka Idris


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