Save Or Splurge: BB Cream

Ever since my best friend introduced me to BB Cream last summer, I have become obsessed and continue to use it in my everyday makeup routine. We were in Bali island, and I wanted to cover my uneven skin tone with something that would not make my face look cakey. Especially after wearing sunscreen on my face, can you imagine wearing another layer of powder or foundation after that? Ew, no. So she offered me to try her BB Cream by Etude House, a Korean cosmetic brand, and I never stopped using it since then. It’s light, it evens out my skin tone and it has all these additional benefits that you can’t get from just powders or foundations.

For those of you who are not familiar with BB Cream, it’s a cream-like moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. By applying a pea-size amount evenly to your face and neck, BB Creams prime, hydrate and protect the skin — all in a light formula. It also conceals and treats dark spots caused by acne and sun exposure and evens out the skin tone. This one-stop cream was founded and developed in Korea, but lately American cosmetic brands have been releasing their own version of BB Creams. So the basic contents of all BB Creams are the same, but some have extra benefits that the others don’t. The SPF among different brands varies, so that’s also another factor to consider when buying BB Creams.

As if all those benefits aren’t enough, BB Creams are also versatile enough to use alone or with other base products, such as concealers or powders.

Korean cosmetic companies have been innovating and improving BB Creams for quite a while now, including the Korean brand Dr.Jart+. For a high-quality product that will definitely give you all the BB Cream benefits and also hydrates your face all day with their Water Bead Technology, Dr.Jart+’s Water Fuse Beauty Balm with SPF 25 is one of the best you can get out there. This product has only one shade available, unlike other brands that have various shades for different colored skin tones, because the formula enables the balm to blend with and be absorbed by any skin types and colors. There’s no way that you can go wrong with this BB Cream, except for the fact that it costs $34. I consider it an investment that will save your face and your time in the long run.

The best one from the drugstore for our not-so-friendly pocket is Revlon’s Photoready BB Cream. For only $8.49, Revlon’s BB Cream comes in three different shades identical to their other base products. So for original Revlon users, you’re in luck! The cream has a dewy and satiny finish to it, and it has a higher SPF than other brands. The best part about Revlon’s BB Cream is that is has no smell, which can be noticeable and unbearable in other products.

So for a five-in-one skin saver like this, will you save … or will you splurge?

This beauty piece is part of Sazanka Idris’ weekly lifestyle column, “Save or Splurge,” which compares products or services to help college students manage their budgets.
By: Sazanka Idris | Image: Source


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