How to Enjoy A Spring Break Staycation

Staying home for spring break? It’s ok. We can’t all spend the week on a beach. Sometimes you just need to go home, relax and spend some time with your family. There’s nothing wrong with that. Even staying home can make your spring break an amazing week. Here is a list of some fun things you can do during your week at home.

Have a spa day
If you have some extra cash to spend, make a reservation at a local spa. If not, you can have your own at home. Make some homemade facials, give yourself a manicure and a pedicure and just relax.

Go to lunch with a friend from high school
Call up an old friend and invite them to lunch. You can catch up and share stories about college and reminisce about high school. It would be a nice way to spend an afternoon and would probably include a lot of laughter.

Have a movie marathon
Pop some popcorn and spend the night on the couch. You can catch up on old favorites or watch new movies that you may have missed in theaters.

Hit up the mall
With warm weather right around the corner, all of the stores have their summer clothes out. Go to the mall and indulge yourself.

Catch up on sleep
The semester has been stressful for everyone. With quizzes, papers and tests galore, you probably lost a lot of time to sleep. With a week off, now is your chance to catch up on your rest. Go to bed and don’t set an alarm. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to hit the books.

Go to the movies

Invite some friends and go to the local theater. You could finally see “Silver Linings Playbook” that everyone has been talking about or even the new film “21 and Over.” And if you’re feeling bad about not going somewhere for  break, you can live vicariously through the new movie "Spring Breakers," which came out on the 22nd.

Explore your own city
Go out and explore your hometown. Maybe visit that museum that you haven’t gone to in ages or find a really cool local restaurant. There are so many gems around you that you probably don’t even know about. Spend some time discovering what’s right outside your backdoor.

Do something from your Pinterest board
Everyone has pinned something creative on Pinterest, maybe it’s a recipe or a fun DIY. Now is your chance to actually try what you pinned. You could even check out our own DIY columnist Veronica Destefano’s articles and try one of her ideas.

These fun ideas will keep you busy over the break. You’ll come back to school refreshed, relaxed and ready to tackle the second half of the semester!

By: Abby Kass | Image: Source


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