Entertainment Review: Paramore's Fourth Self-Titled Album

As soon as I found out Paramore was working on a new album I was beyond excited. I’ve been jamming out to this band since before I could even drive, and now they’ve just dropped their fourth studio, self-titled album.

I, among other fans, was excited but also nervous for this new album. This album follows a split in the band. Two of the original and founding members of Paramore, brothers Josh and Zac Farro, left the band. The group is now left with front woman Hayley Williams, guitarist Taylor York and bassist Jeremy Davis.

I worried how this would affect their music and if it would even still sound like the band I know and love. I was also pretty nervous because their last album, "Brand New Eyes," means a lot to me and is definitely in my top five favorite albums of all time, so ya know… no pressure or anything, Paramore.

I cannot deny the music sounds a little different, and the first listen through I wasn’t really feeling it. I gave it another listen, paying closer attention to the lyrics, and I started to really connect with the music. I cannot stop listening to it now. I constantly have it on repeat!

In my own opinion, lyrically, this album is kick ass. I keep catching myself tweeting the lyrics as I listen. The sound of the album as a whole is pretty diverse (there are three ukulele interludes).

When Josh Farro left the band he called Paramore, “a manufactured product of a major label,” and after listening to this album I’m calling his bluff. This self-titled album sounds raw, original and real. This isn’t your cookie cutter pop-punk/alternative album.

Every song has its own feel, sound and ability to make you relate, and every song is just good in its own respect. I don’t skip any of them when listening though. I recommend this one, without a doubt.

By: Samantha Latting | Image: Source


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