Redbox Review: "Zero Dark Thirty"

National Women’s Month may be over but that doesn’t mean the world is in short supply of badass women. This week’s pick, "Zero Dark Thirty," personifies female badass-ery in the character of Maya (Jessica Chastain) and in Kathryn Bigelow, a fellow badass female who directs this movie.

Maya is an intelligence expert who has dedicated 10 years of her life to finding and capturing Osama Bin Laden, post-September 11th attacks. A change in Maya can be seen throughout the movie. In the beginning you can tell some of the tactics used by her colleague, Dan (Jason Clarke) make her uneasy, but she becomes more accepting of his tactics after time passes and she becomes frustrated by many dead ends and false leads. Maya continues her dedication and persistence even after she seems to be the only one still fighting passionately for the cause.

This movie has really put this real-life manhunt in perspective for me. A decade is a long time to be dedicated to anything—that’s almost half of my life. This movie was interesting although it isn’t a genre I would usually pick on my own. (I’ve got a thing for chick flicks if you all haven’t noticed.) I admit, I did get distracted a few times because the movie is kind of lengthy.

I would recommend this movie for a few different reasons: 1) It is an important part of your own history—you were on this earth while it was happening, and that is pretty cool. 2) Jessica Chastain is a badass. And finally, 3) this movie is genuinely entertaining and a good story.

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