What You May Have Missed: Weekly Wrap-Up

Hope everyone had a great spring break! It’s been quite a week, y’all; here’s what you may have missed while you were getting back into the swing of things.

5. The Leg Injury Felt Around the World

College basketball fans across the country were horrified when Louisville guard Kevin Ware suffered a grisly leg injury during the game against Duke on Sunday. It wasn’t all bad luck for Ware, though: with his encouragement, Louisville went on to beat Duke and progress to the Final Four.

4. The JoBros are Back

Get ready to get in touch with your inner eighth-grade self: the Jonas Brothers released a new single this week after a few years hiatus. The single, “PomPoms,” is a little more mature than the old Disney trio we used to know, but it’s still reminiscent of the days of “Burnin’ Up.”

3. Lilly Pulitzer Dies at 81

Lilly Pulitzer, the designer known for her preppy prints, passed away this week; she was 81 years old.

2. Another Reason Why Mizzou is the Best School Ever

It was announced on Wednesday that a team under University of Missouri professor Frederick Hawthorne has successfully developed a form of radiation that put mice into remission from cancer with no side effects. This breakthrough in cancer research is simply another example of the amazing work that is being done at MU.


Ellen DeGeneres broke the news of the “Finding Nemo” sequel, “Finding Dory,” which is set to release in 2015. Is there a way to buy tickets for movies two years in advance?!

By: Audrey Wilcox


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