Music Review: Cody Fry

My newest musical obsession happened as a total accident. Cody Fry is a touring band member for Ben Rector. Fry has been a long time fan of Ben Rector and said that playing as a part of his band is somewhat surreal, but amazing.

I attended the show with no knowledge of anyone there except Ben Rector. Now, I would never in a million years wish sickness on Rector but last Saturday he was (yet still sounded phenomenal) and had to step off stage and asked Fry to step in. I am so grateful that he did.

The moment was unexpected for Fry, too. When I asked him about being put on the spot he said, “[it] was equal-parts excitement and panic. However, as soon as I started playing, the crowd's response was so overwhelmingly positive; the whole thing just felt second nature. I was blown away by the audience response to my tunes.”

Fry played a couple of original songs and a cover of one of my all time favorite songs, "Blackbird" by The Beatles. I had recorded The Beatles cover on my phone and the number of times I watched it in the days following the concert was so absurd I went to iTunes and downloaded Fry’s album, Audio:Cinema, without hesitation.

I’ve got to say I have zero regrets. I listened to the 8-track album six times the first day I got it. I was able to sing along by the end of the night. I decided to look through the digital booklet that came with the album and learned Fry is more than just a beautiful voice—he writes, plays guitar, piano and the accordion. I’ll stop there but you get the point; he is not a one trick pony.

Fry isn’t a newbie to the biz. When he was still in high school The Grammy Foundation put him on stage to sing and play alongside some people you may have heard of like Kanye West, John Legend and Gloria Estefan.

The album has the singer-songwriter feel to it that I love. You can tell when an artist feels connected to their work because it makes you feel connected to it as well and Fry has achieved that with Audio:Cinema. My favorite tracks on the album are "Give Me Up," "Underground" and "Daydreaming."

By: Samantha Latting | Image: Source

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