5 Easy Steps to Get Eyes Like Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is by far one of the hottest young hollywood actresses out there. FHM magazine did after all name her “Sexiest Woman in the World 2013.” She has it all when it comes to looks, but her most coveted feature is definitely her eyes. Those eyes make all the boys stop and stare and make us girls wonder, “how do I get mine to look like that?” Well College Glossers, we have the answer on how to get Mila Kunis eyes in five easy steps. Inspiration for this look comes from Mila’s spot in the Gemfields jewelry ad campaign.

1. Begin with a primer
To make any eyeshadow last through the day, and especially in the hot months of summer, it is important to use a primer underneath your eyeshadow to make it stick and stay crease free. Creme eyeshadows work great as a primer; a favorite of ours is the Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow in Seashells. Use your finger and smooth the tan shade over entire lid.

2. Base and highlight
Mila has a lot of depth to her eyes. Achieve this by layering a medium brown over a light tan. We love the light tan color on the left side of the e.l.f. Essential Brightening Eye Color palette in Luxe as the base and highlight. Use a medium sized brush to put an even amount of color on your eyelid and underneath your eyebrow on your browbone.

3. Crease
Add dimension to your eyes by using the top right medium brown color of the same e.l.f palette in the crease of your eye. We recommend a tapered brush, which is shaped like a cone. This is the best shape for getting color in your crease -- and only in your crease! Blend into the light tan shade to avoid looking streaky.

4. Outer and inner liner
Mila gets her sexy, smoky eyes by layering a darker brown liner over a lighter one. For the lighter eyeliner, use the same medium brown color from the e.l.f palette you used for the crease. Using a small, wet, angled brush, sweep a medium line on your upper and lower lash lines. Don’t worry about making it perfect; part of the fun with a smoky eye is that it can be slightly messy.

Next, use Maybelline’s Line Stylist eyeliner in Espresso to draw a thin line right next to your upper and lower lash lines. On your lower lash line, make the line darker on the outer corner and lessen it as you go towards your nose. Don’t forget to line your lower lash water line! Using a smudge brush, such as the e.l.f Essential Smudge Eye Sponge, lightly smudge the liner as close to lash line as possible.

5. Mascara and inner highlight
Finish the look off with a coat of black-brown mascara on top and bottom lashes. We love L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Original. Add a bit of highlight to the inner corner of your eyes and ta-da! You have Mila Kunis worthy eyes. A perfect choice for the inner highlight is the lighter color of the Maybelline Eye Duets Liner/Shadow in Double Latte.

By: Lindsay Laderoute | Image: Source

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