5 Reasons to Head to the Movie Theater this Summer

Summer is finally here. You would be sitting just outside by the pool, laying under the hot sun and eating cold ice cream. But there are amazing Blockbuster movies to see! Grab your BFF, a friend or even a family member. There are so many movies that range from sci-fi, comedy, action to even an animated movie. Here is a list of the most anticipated summer movies!

"Man of Steel"

Everyone has been waiting for the brand new Superman reboot! The hot Clark Kent is played by Henry Cavill in this action-packed film, along with Amy Adams as Lois Lane. Christopher Nolan, who directed the Batman trilogy, is one of the producers of this film but also co-wrote it with David S. Goyer. This is just the beginning of the Superman trilogy.

"Monsters University"

Looks like just another totes cute movie prequel of “Monsters Inc.” It takes place just before “Monsters Inc.,” and shows how Mike and Sulley became best mismatched pals. This might be worth the watch if you’re up for any animated film.

"The Wolverine"

For anyone who is an X-Men fan or just loves Hugh Jackman, this is definitely the movie! Hugh Jackman flies solo as Wolverine since “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” Wolverine goes on his voyage to Japan, years after “X-Men: The Last Stand.” He faces an enemy from his past who might impact his future.

"The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" 

This is for anyone who likes the Harry Potter and Twilight series. Based on the bestselling book by Cassandra Clare, it includes dark magic, mysterious family histories and a love-triangle story. Quite an adventurous-packed movie.

What movie(s) are you going to see this summer?

By: Amy Ausdenmoore


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