The 10 Hottest Songs of Summer

It doesn’t matter if you’re out and about, cruisin’ with your crew or at home tidying up from last night’s kickback, music simply makes everything better. For all my fellow music lovers, I’ve put together a set of 10 songs (some snatched right off the airwaves, others found via the Web) that are sure to have you fist pumping all the way through summer 2K13.

1. "Crazy Kids (remix)" by Ke$ha, featuring Juicy J

Recently, I’ve become slightly obsessed with Ke$ha! I’m not sure if it’s because of her new show on MTV entitled, "My Crazy Beautiful Life" or if it’s because I love glitter just as much as she does. Despite my reasons, this song gives me life. When I first heard it, I was reminded of her 2010 banger, “We R Who We R” because of its celebratory, underlying message: being different is okay, and those who party outside of the norm seemingly have more fun anyway.
2. "We Can’t Stop" by Miley Cyrus

That old Miley? Yeah, she’s long gone, folks, and I’m not complaining one bit. I’m pleasantly surprised and pleased with her transition from Disney Channel phenomenon to a budding fashion icon who lives by her own rules. It’s her party and she can do what she wants. It’s her house and she can love whomever she wants. It’s her song and she can sing if she wants. No one can stop the young powerhouse, but just in case the haters and naysayers have any trouble understanding Ms. Cyrus, she states her warning loud and clear in this fun, party anthem: “It’s my mouth; I can say what I want to.”

3. "#Beautiful" by Mariah Carey, featuring Miguel 

What woman wouldn’t appreciate being swooned by the oh-so-handsome, incredibly talented, distinctively unique singer/songwriter/producer who goes by the name of Miguel? He might be recipient of some pretty harsh criticism for his failed attempt at jumping over a crowd at this year’s Billboard Music Awards, but his lyrical additions combined with Mariah Carey’s signature voice makes for a definite hit. Take my word or listen for yourself; it’s not hard picturing yourself riding along in an old Chevy truck down a country road and feeling the breeze with this one.

4. "Feel This Moment" by Pitbull, featuring Christina Aguilera

One thing I can say about Pitbull (also known as Mr. Worldwide) is that he always comes through with something that makes me want to dance. The crazy part is I would have never expected Christina Aguilera to team up with the Miami native, but their collab, its upbeat tempo and catchy hook almost forces you to sing along at the top of your lungs. I don’t doubt that everyone loves a song that allows them to temporarily forget about whatever is bothering them, enjoy life and live in the moment.

5. "Bad (remix)" by Wale, featuring Rihanna 

For all you Wale fans, here’s a newer spin on a new tune. It took me a while to figure out the true meaning of “Bad,” but now with rude gyal RiRi added into the mix, I’ve come to appreciate Wale’s use of frequent wordplay and the relatability factor present in his music. Don’t be mistaken by the remix’s faster pace; it’s still an ode to all those female maneaters out there.
6. "The Way" by Ariana Grande, featuring Mac Miller 

Apologies and compliments are due to this songstress. I actually thought Mariah Carey was being accompanied by Mac Miller on this track. It wasn’t until after I paid closer attention and did my research that I noticed that the melodic vocal runs I heard belongs to Ariana Grande, the actress who is most noted for her role as Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon’s "Victorious." Even though I’m living that single life, “The Way” is beautifully sung and is charmed twice over by Mac Miller’s brief appearances.

7. "The Illest" by Far East Movement, featuring Riff Raff 

There’s nothing like hearing a song that confirms how you feel about yourself over and over again. So, my friends, I say to you: assemble your squad, put on those stunna shades and prepare to show up and show out. When hanging with the girls, play this and let all the others know who’s the illest.
8. "Let The Groove In" by Justin Timberlake 

I’d be willing to bet money on the assumption that if you’re a 90s baby who still holds a special place in your heart for boy bands, you’ve found yourself imagining Justin Timberlake in a suit and tie or staring into a mirror or two wishing you were Jessica Biel. Fortunately, if you fit into that category, you’re not alone. Millions of others (including myself) still appreciate the former ‘NSYNC frontliner for teaching us how to say, “buh buh bye” and how to dirty pop, but now we can add letting the groove in to the list.

9. "Crooked Smile" by J. Cole, featuring TLC 

J. Cole is an artist that I’ve grown to enjoy a lot. Emerging from under the radar at the 54th Grammy Awards by receiving a nomination for Best New Artist, he’s proven to be an emcee not to be overlooked. “Crooked Smile” reminds us that in the presence of tumultuous circumstances, we can and will come out victorious—even if our eyes have shed a few tears and our faces are a tad worn.
10. "#ThatPower" by, featuring Justin Beiber 

Everything that Black Eyed Peas rapper touches turns to gold in my book. Adding Justin Bieber, who is continuously living up to his potential as Usher’s protege, was yet another smart move. As a techno-electronic club record, “#ThatPower” brings out the inner dance battle star in all of us.

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By: Brianna Arps


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