Battle of the Brands: iPhone vs. Droid

In this generation, all we look forward to is the new hot item. Whether it is clothes, music or reality tv, everybody needs to have it first. However, all of this can’t compete with the everlasting rivalry between iPhone and Droid users. Who is really the best? Are green bubbles really a sign of weakness or is Siri a mind controller? It’s the battle of the brands, and College Gloss Mizzou is here to figure it all out.

Released in June 2007, Steve Jobs brought the iPhone into the world knowing it would be a spectacle to many as it modeled the very popular iPod. Not far behind was the intel Google release of Android beta in November 2007. The war began.

Now because Apple is the only company to make iPhones it is able to focus completely on those software details. The software is what originally grabbed the attention of tech users. What’s better than the software is its simplicity. What’s better than the simplicity is how frequently it is updated. That combination is perfect for those who are all about being number one. Apple makes sure that even its newest updates are supported on older devices. Being in college, of course we can’t always have the newest look, but at least it can run like the newest thing.

Unlike minutes, unlimited apps are a must have. Apple doesn’t offer many varieties of the iPhone. With the release of newer versions, the original and extended version featuring Siri (4 and 4s), and slightly better software, it's easier for developers to target their apps to just Apple. With the use of apps comes use of battery, and that will always be the death of all you “speedy fingers” out there. Unlike iPhones, Droids have a variety of hardware, which means their battery life varies between devices. However, iPhone has fixed that problem with the iPhone 5 and made it possible to go 24 hours without charging your phone. Crazy! Most Androids have 4G LTE, which can work eight hours straight without a charge. That means they don't last an entire day, just a work day. If you’re happy with that, then Droid it is.

What about the carriers? With all the merging and bankruptcy, we are kind of forced to settle with one of the big four: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile. As of this spring both devices are available through all carriers. Of course there is a price difference between them, but that depends on the company. Speaking of price, a variety of Droid devices are free when paired with a new two-year contract from a phone company. Apple has just began to offer the four free with a two-year contract. Still, Android offers more choices.

Lastly, we have the look, and it’s all about the looks. For those of you who love the big screen, grab an Android. Most of their screen sizes average at about 4.3 inches. The larger devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note, have a screen that stretches to about 5 inches! No worries on misplacing that one. Apple increased the size of the iPhone also, but just by height and not width, making it appear much slimmer. Also, when it comes to personalization, surprisingly, the Android offers more options. Yet, the passion iPhone users have for their device will allow them to believe the experience of just having an iPhone is worth far more than what it looks like and can really do.

At the end of the day both devices are at the top of the pyramid and will continue to dominate the mobile scene. Don’t look for either to be wiped out in the near future. Just enjoy your phone, and text away, College Glossers!

By: Khadijah McGill | Article: Source | Image: Source


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