What's My Name?: Crazy Baby Name Mania

In Tennessee, north of the rainbow, a bear attacked the pilot inspector eating an apple. Can you guess how many of those words are baby names? If you guessed six, then you’re right! This trend of nouns and verbs as names has become a staple for the upper class. It has even gone so far that some of these celebrity couples have patented their baby names for the sake of uniqueness. For the sake of sanity, let’s hope their nicknames are a tad bit more understandable.

According to the Baby Center, in 2012 the two most popular baby names were Sophia and Aiden. Cute with a twist on tradition. So how do these all-star couples find room to think of such names as Rainbow?

Resparking this trend was couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West when they named their newborn girl North West, nicknamed Nori. It was all only rumored that couple would commit to this name. Somewhere aside other choices such as Dondia, Kanye’s late grandmother’s name, or Kaidence, which would keep the Kardashian tradition strong, things went in a new direction ... literally. No one will really know what goes through the mind of someone with such creativity in naming. Between those two egos and all the flashing lights, keeping the one-of-a-kind flow is critical. Let’s not forget that North West’s future playmate and probably godsister Blue Ivy, baby girl of top couple Beyonce and Jay-Z, won an award for most outrageous baby name.

In traditional American culture names were inspired by religious context. Over the years and throughout a mixture of culture, the name is not only a representation of heritage but personality. It's a tad bit confusing though since it is the parents who choose the name without knowing the personality of the child. What is even more strange is that it is accepted by so many. I mean who wouldn't want to be the child of a famous celebrity even if it meant your name would be Bear?

This trend isn't just occurring in America either. In Europe, the government had to step in and begin to ban the use of certain names. Believe it or not all these babies are regular citizens. Names such as Mr. and Lucifier were restricted by the government officials in the U.K. Yes, someone tried to name their child Lucifer. Try waiting at Rolins Late Night with a name like that.

At the same time, many have begun to criticize these outrageous names by saying they only create even larger boundaries between the famous and average citizen. This is quite true, but I don't think the celebrities win this time. All the fame and fortune in the world couldn't make me name my child Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa, name of Lisa Bonet’s third daughter.

By: Khadijah McGill | Image: Source

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