Get to Know Youngblood Hawke for MU's 2013 Homecoming Concert

Every year, Homecoming features a spirit rally and concert the Friday before the game. Last year, not well known at the time, Imagine Dragons, performed. This year, the band Youngblood Hawke is performing. The concert, along with the spirit rally, is October 25 from 9:30 to 11:30 p.m. It will take place on Rollins outside of the Student Center. If you have never heard of the band before, here is a little history of the band, plus a look at some of their best music. 

Youngblood Hawke came together in 2011, after two members, Simon Katz and Sam Martin, decided to abandon their duo and bring in three other members to form a band. The band worked all summer long writing songs. The name for the band came from the title of a book by Herman Wouk. 

They released their first EP with five songs last August and recently released their first album. According to the band's website, the band features music that has elements of pop, rock, indie, dance and even some hip hop. 

"We Come Running," was the first single by the band. The song is about not letting your fears or obstacles get in the way of your dreams. It made the Billboard Top 10 in November 2012 and was featured on the soundtrack for FIFA 13. 

Here are a couple other videos of Youngblood Hawke's music that will get you ready for the concert. 

Plus, check out this interview with the band.

You can download the first album from Youngblood Hawke on iTunes now and get ready for them to perform for Homecoming. Imagine Dragons became really famous after they performed at Mizzou ... so who know, maybe these guys will be the next big thing. 

By: Abby Kass


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