Is Miley Cyrus For Real?: A Look At Her New Album Bangerz

I will admit to you that I was a fan of Miley Cyrus once. I was on that Hannah Montana bandwagon and even saw them “together” in concert. This is not one of my proudest moments, but I am being honest. 

I feel like we have been watching Miley slowly go insane. She says that she is under a lot of pressure and just wants to be a teenager and experiment, but really? Cutting off all your hair, wearing no clothes and dancing inappropriately on TV? That is how you want to be yourself? Maybe taking a step back from the spotlight and taking some time for yourself would be a better idea. Take a vacation to an exotic island ... that is always exciting. Turn off your phone, email and everything and just lay on the beach. And please grow your hair back. I would pay money to have that hair. And I know I am not alone when I say that.

When Miley hosted SNL, I did not get to watch the whole episode, but I watched the highlights. Throughout the show I could not help but question if she was really serious about how she acts. She was all for making fun of herself, which is great. So is that why she's doing this? Is she just acting and then going to come out in a month and fool us all? I kind of hope so, but until then we are left we the horrible wrecking ball video. But for every bad music video, there are at least five parodies that make up for it. This one is my favorite for "Wrecking Ball". It is a combined with Mumford and Son's "Little Lion Man and is really good. Check it out below.

Well, Miley’s new album is out, and now it is time to see what she has been spending so much time on. Here are my reactions and thoughts my first time hearing the songs:

This song is very slow. I would assume that she is talking about Liam. I think this song is putting me to sleep .... zzz ... Oh yeah, it did. Sorry.

How many times can she say bangers?

This song kind of has a country twang to it. “Driving so fast, ‘bout to piss myself?” Really Miley, is that necessary? That’s a little distrubing. And could you repeat “Round and round and away we go” anymore? I get that you are a female rebel, but you don’t need to spend three minutes telling me this. And now I think I will have that some stuck in my head for that next week. Thanks.

My Darling
I don’t really have any comments about this song. Again, I just feel like she says the same thing over and over again. “My darling, stand by me.” Ok, we get it ... Liam left you, but it is time to move on.

Wrecking Ball
Ok, truth is, I really like this song. I am a fan of songs that start off soft and then build. I think this is my favorite song on the album. It is just so catchy and powerful. If only I could get the music video out of my head. I do really enjoy this mashup of wrecking ball and “Little Lion Man” by Mumford and Sons. Plus the dancing in the video is great, and I did not see an actual wrecking ball anywhere.

Love Money Party
I think the title of this song tells it all. There really is nothing else to life, right? I do feel like this is a good song to play at a party. It has a good beat to it and would be fun to dance to. But when you listen to it at nine in the morning, that’s a different story. Again, I think “Love, Money, Party” will be stuck in my head now.

This song seemed a little too personal for me. I’m pretty sure Miley is talking about the first time “in bed” with someone. It is very descriptive. And do you really have to use a hashtag in the title? Really? It does again have a catchy melody, I just think it is way to personal, and I feel like I know way more about Miley than I should.

I think that Miley is actually singing in this song, which is good. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this song. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love. It is just kind of average for me.

Well, this song is clearly about Liam. And I can tell that in the first 10 seconds. I feel like Miley is a little bitter about this breakup. “You’re not even worth this rhyme.” Then why did you write a whole song, wait, whole album about him?

Do My Thang
I’m pretty sure this is Miley’s anthm. She is basically telling everyone that she does not care and will do what she wants. In the song, she tells me not to worry, but just listening to the song makes me worry. And the fact that she tries to rap but does so really slowly is concerning. I just don’t know. And being the grammar freak that I am, the fact that she spells “thing” “thang” just does not sit right with me.

Maybe You’re Right
I take back that grammar comment from the last song because she uses the right form of “you’re’’ in this song. And the fact that she says, “You may think I’m crazy” really makes me think that she knows that she is out of control. Again, I think this album should be titled, “This is for Liam Hemsworth.” It would just make things a little clearer. I do like the soulful Miley better than rapping Miley.

Someone Else
Ok, now we know that Liam took her heart. Maybe that’s the problem? She does not have a heart anymore, which is why she is acting the way she is? So, the solution to the problem is to follow the yellow brick road and get her heart back from the wizard. Maybe that will work? I do agree with her when she says, “I’ve turned into someone else.” And can we be a little more cliche with the quote from Corinthians about how love is patient? I just don’t really think that fits well. Sorry, Miley.

Rooting For My Baby
Again, another song about Liam. Is there a trend here or something? This was not my favorite song. I found it kind of depressing. Compared to all of the other song on the album, I think that this one is a dud.

On My Own
This song had a bit of an 80s vibe to it. I think Miley is trying to assure us that she is okay on her own, but by the looks of the other songs on this album, I’m not so sure.

Hands in the Air
This is another party song. Nothing really all that special about it. 

So, there you have it. That’s Miley’s album for you. I have to say, personally, I was not that impressed. Miley could have done better. There are some nice party songs, and I like “Wrecking Ball,” but other than that, I could pass on the album. It can clearly be seen that she isn’t over Liam yet. She seems like she is just putting on a show now. I wonder what she will do next.

By: Abby Kass


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